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The Survival Realm

Survival is one of the most popular game modes on the Network. We have moved away from the typical Vanilla SMP and we have added tons of fun and unique features. You can experience Minecraft like never before on Survival, and with your friends too!

Let's Get Started

When joining Survival you will automatically be connected to our Spawn Area. This is home to our Crates, NPC's, Jobs and other basic information for you to get started. Once you have explored the Spawn you are ready to move onto the next step!

You can now use our /rtp command to teleport into the wilderness. Whilst in the wilderness you can gather materials, explore new biomes, look for a base, and other basic survival tasks to help you get started in the world. Setup base and read on!

For Players who have some money and would prefer to get supplies without all the work, you can do /shop and it will open a shop for you to purchase items. Players can also sell items within this shop to make some money off the items they collect.


Claiming is one of the most important in Survival for members. It essentially prevents others (unless trusted) from being able to break, place or open any chests in someones claim. To begin the claiming process, do /kit claim and you will receive a golden shovel. Hold the shovel in your hand and right click the corner at the lowest height of the claim and then right click at the opposite corner of the highest height of the claim being set. This will create a box that holds your claimed chunk.

To extend a claim, take the golden shovel in hand and right click the corner of the existing claim at the lowest height and then right click a new block, extend the opposite corner of the claim at the heighest height of the edited claim.

/Claim - Claim the chunk you are standing within.
/Unclaim - Unclaim the chunk you are standing within.
/AbandonAllClaims - Abandon all your claims.
/Kit Claim - Receive the kit to start your claim.

To build in another persons claim or to allow another person to build in your claim, you must be trusted or you must trust them. To trust a player simply do the command /trust username and they will now have the permissions to build, place and open chests.

Making Money

The player economy is a huge part of Survival. With the custom survival that BumbleCraft has created, players can make money, establish shops, sell items and trade and auction items. This section will go over all those elements and how to do them.

Fishing is one of the main ways to get started with making money. A Fishing rod will come included with your starting kit. This can be used to fish for food and other cool items. Players can do /fish shop and place their fish in the shop menu to sell it. Depending on a fish's length and rarity, a fish may bring in more money for a player. Players can also take a risk and attempt to scale their fish with the command /fish scale to gain more profit. For more questions regarding fishing, please do /fish menu and it will walk you through it!

Similar to fishing, jobs are one of the first things players do when joining the game. Players can have up to three jobs at a time, some of the more common being woodcutter and miner. By selecting jobs, when doing the jobs tasks you will begin to make money automatically.

The Auction House
Selling in the auction house allows for players to sell items that cannot be sold in the survival shop provided by our server. One can do /ah to get to the auction house and /ah sell (price) to sell any item held in their hand. More rare items that can be found from mining, fishing, crafting, and even crates are usually the things sold here.

Chest Shops
Chest shops allow for players to make their own shops for selling items at a cheaper price than the survival shop, rare items not found in game, or things they have made themselves. To make a chest shop, a player can just click an empty chest with the item they want to sell and then type in chat the price they are selling that item for. Players can also change selling chest shops to buying chest shops where people can sell their items to the chest. For more information regarding chest shops, do /chest shops.


Voting for BumbleCraft server not only boosts our server so more players can join but also gives our members who vote in game perks!

To vote do /vote and you will be directed to our website where you can find the links. Players on Bedrock must enter an _ before their username to vote. You can vote every 24 hours and you can use /vp claim to claim your rewards in-game.

When 50 votes have been received on the Network, then a Pinata Party will begin as a thank you for voting on the Network. You will receive multiple rewards when you hit the llama and it can be found at spawn.

Important Commands

/rtp - Randomly teleport to the wilderness.
/spawn - Takes you to the spawn area of the server.
/crates - Takes you to the crates are of the server.
/kit claim - Receive the claim kit to start your base.
/fly - Enable your fly mode to fly around the world.
/vote - Take you to our website to vote for the Network.
/vp claim - Claim your voting rewards.
/sell hand - Sell the item you are holding in your hand.
/shop - Access the main server shop.
/sell all - You can sell all items in your inventory
/ah - Open the auction house menu.
/ah sell - Sell your held item to the auction house.
/chestshops - Share important information about chestshops.
/pay - Pay a player money.
/tokenshop - Access the tokens shop to buy items.
/fish menu - Open the fish menu to sell your fish.
/tpa - Teleport to a player.
/tpahere - Request a player to teleport to you.

Warps & PWarps

Warps and PlayerWarps allow players to go to the areas in Survival quicker instead of constantly teleporting or travelling around the world!

Warps are provided by the server. The most common one is /warp pvp which takes players to the pvp area to fight against other players.

PWarps are made by players, to create a pwarp one can do the /pw set name command and a public pwarp will be generated which all members will have access to. To see other peoples pwarps do /pwarps and hit enter.

The Towny Realm

Towny is a newer game-mode released on our Network since January of 2021. This mode features many different plugins such as fishing, mining, MCMMO, bending and many more. This server is all about creating your own towns and building your own community whilst trying to compete with other towns in many different aspects to find what town is truly the best.

Let's Get Started

The first time you enter Towny you will spawn in the Bending Area. There you will be required to select one of the bending types; Fire, Air, Earth, Water or Chi. After choosing your element you will be teleported to the wilderness where you can begin your quest on finding the perfect spot to create your town, settle down and begin expanding.

One of the many unique features on Towny is the map, you can do /map to reveal it. Townys map is based on our actual earth, which makes it much more exciting since you can make your town in a specific country!

Once you have found where you would like to settle down you should use the command /t new name to start your towns journey.


One of our very interesting plugins on Towny is bending by project korra.

This allows you to use many different moves to bend. As mentioned above there are five different elements to choose from, these elements are Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Chi. To choose or change your bending do /b choose element. There are many different types of moves for each element and to display those do /b display element. After looking through all of the possible moves you would need to bind them to your hotbar. To do that use the command /b bind ability slot, then do /b help ability to figure out how to activate it! Just make sure you don't have any item in your hand when you are trying to do so. To disable your bending do /b toggle.

Expand Your Town

After you have created your town, you can start building anything you'd like. One important part of expanding your Towny is to advertise it and get new members to join you. More Town members = more town claimblocks to help expand your town. To invite members to your Town you need to do /t invite name. You can also win claimblocks from crates or purchase it on our webstore.

To expand your towns claims you need to use the command /t claim while being in the chunk you want to claim or use /res toggle town claim to claim chunks as you're flying through them. Just make sure the chunks you're trying to claim are connected to your town otherwise it won't let you claim then.

One way to claim plots that are not connected to your town is by making outposts. Outposts will also belong to your town, the only difference is that they can be wherever you want and not just limited to the area you first choose to settle in. To create an outpost use the command /t outpost claim.

Town Member Ranks

Once your town has more members in it, you might want to split responsibilities of keeping your town alive. You can assign ranks of co mayor, helper, assistant and sheriff in your town. To do that simply write out /t rank add name rank. Different ranks will grant different permissions for the players that you will choose to have these ranks.

Town Rankings

All of the towns on our realm are being ranked by various things, and you can compete to get yours on top of every single listing! To view what towns are on top you can use these commands

/t list by residents
/t list by townblocks
/t list by balance
/t list by online


Another of townys features is taxes system. Every single day there will be taxes taken off of your towns balance so make sure to always have some there! To add money to your town bank do /t deposit amount. If you would like to see all of the withdrawals from your bank you can do /t bankhistory. There will be 350 withdrawn from your towns bank account every day for taxes or 1000 if your town is in a nation. If you won’t have that amount in your towns bank, your town will fall into ruins and you will have 72 hours to reclaim it or it will become unclaimed.


Another fun thing you can do with your town is to create or join nations! Nations have separate ranking systems, which are the same as mentioned above, just exchange the “t” for town to “n” for nation. To create a nation use the command /n new name. And to invite other towns to your nation you can use /n add towns name.

Making Money

There are a few different things you can do in order to earn money on towny:

Fishing and Mining
Our realm on towny features fishing and mining plug-ins by PyroTempus! These plug-ins are quite good for earning fast money since you can sell different fishes in /fish shop that you catch and get up to 25k for one fish. You can also try to weight your fish for a chance to earn more money for it, but be careful since the worth might also decrease! If you want to learn more about fishing do /fish menu.

Mining plug-in is quite similar to the fishing one, while mining you will get drops of artifacts and different gems that you can sell in /mine shop and earn some money. You can also try to inspect the quality of gems that you get in order to get more than they are normally worth, but just as with fishing you might loose some.

Jobs is a very simple way to earn money that most player do when they first join the server. To choose a job simply do /jobs and select the ones you find the most appealing to you. You can select up to three different jobs, you will start earning money from it as soon as you will start doing the task that your job requires you to do!

Another one of townys features is quests, you can get various amounts of money (depending on the difficulty) for completing tasks. To access quest menu simply do /quests and click on a quest to start it, if you would like to cancel a quest you can right click it. Once you will complete a quest the money will be added to your balance instantly.

Auction is a place where players can sell items that they normally couldn’t sell by doing /sell all or /sell hand. To access it you can do /ah. If you would like to put something up for sale you need to use the command /ah sell [price] [amount] while holding that item in your hand. Once someone will buy your item, the money will be transferred directly to your balance.

Player Shops
Towny also features player shops that they can create using just a chest! To do that simply place down a chest and hit it with the item you would like to sell, then type the price of the item in public chat and your player shop will be created. Once a player will purchase something from it, you will get the money instantly.


Mobcoins is a new feature that has been introduced to towny recently and it’s extremely rewarding! You can get mobcoins from killing mobs or win them from crates. If you would like to redeem your mobcoins you can use the command /mobcoins and redeem them for keys or other in-game boosts!

Warps & PWarps

Pwarps and warps is a quick way for players to teleport from one spot to another. Warps are set by the owners of the server and pwarps can be created by any player.

To create a pwarp use the command /pwarp set [name] and to remove it use /pwarp remove.

Some useful warps on towny include
/warp enchant
/warp resource
/warp end


By voting for our server you don’t only boost it, but also get some great in-game perks for it!

To vote for our server just do /vote and click on the link which will be given in chat. There are 5 different websites on which you can vote on. For every single vote you can get one common key and 10m fly-time.

Once 50 people will have voted for the server a Pinata party will happen, the pinata can be found in spawn and you will get different rewards for hitting it!

Important Commands

/t new [name] – this command will allow you to create a new town.
/t claim – this command will allow you to claim more space for your town.
/t claim outpost – this command will allow you to claim an outpost.
/t rename [new name] – this command will allow you to rename your town.
/t rank add/remove [nick] [rank] – this command will allow you to give or take away a rank for other players in your town.
/t list – this command will rank all of the towns by the amount of residents.
/t list by – this command will allow to see many different rankings of towns.
/t invite [nick] – this command will allow you to invite players to your town.
/t kick [nick] – this command will allow you to kick players from your town.
/t leave – this command will allow you to leave a town.
/plot clear – this command will remove all of the signs in a plot.
/plot fs – this command will put a plot up for sale.
/plot nfs – this command will allow you to remove a plot that is for sale.
/plot evict – this command will allow you to evict the owner of the plot out of it.
/plot claim – this command will allow you to buy a plot.
/t deposit – this command will allow you to deposit money into your towns bank.
/t withdraw – this command will allow you to withdraw money from your towns bank.
/t bankhistory – this command will allow you to see recent of the transactions from your towns bank.
/t delete – this command will delete your town.
/t – this command will allow you to see all of the information about the town that you are in.
/res [nick] – this command will show you what town other player is in.
/res friend add [nick] – this command will allow you to add a resident to your friends.
/t here – this command will show you what town you are currently standing in and all of the information about it.
/t spawn – this command will allow you to teleport to the spawn of your town.
/t outlaw add [nick] – this command will allow you to outlaw a player from your town.
/t online – this command will allow you to see what members of your town are currently online.
/tc – this command will allow you to write in a chat that only your town will be able to see.
/nc – this command will allow you to write in a chat that only your nation members will be able to see.
/g – this command will allow you to get back to the global chat.
/n new [name] – this command will allow you to create a nation.
/n add [towns name] – this command will allow you to add towns to your nation.
/tpa [nick] – this command will allow you to teleport to a player.
/tpahere [nick] – this command will allow you to teleport a player to your location.
/seen [nick] – this command will allow you to see when a player was last online.
/rtp – this command will teleport you to a random place in our map.
/map – this command will give you a link, which will show you our towny map.
/crates – this command will teleport you to where crates are located.
/spawn – this command will teleport you to the spawn of towny.
/fish menu – this command will open up a fishing menu.
/mine menu – this command will open up a mining menu.
/back – this command will allow you to go to the last place where you teleported or died.
/vote – this command will allow you to vote for our server.
/ah – this command will allow you to open up auction.
/ah sell [price] [amount] – this command will allow you to put an item up for sale on auction.
/pay [nick] [amount] – this command will allow you to pay another player an amount of money.
/tokenshop – this command will allow you to open token shop where you can redeem your tokens.