Hello BumbleCrafters!

Firstly, we'd like to introduce you all to our brand new website.
We have taken feedback from all players are our website now features

  • Fresh new design.
  • New dedicated voting page.
  • Improved rules page and rule changes.
  • Server wikis to help new players understand our servers.

This new website is also updated to match our hugely improved web store which features

  • Fresh new design.
  • Many new packages available for purchase.
  • Some price changes on certain packages.

We're hope you're happy we're listening to feedback and plan to listen more in the future!

Towny Updates

As you know, we've been working on our Towny Server updates and changes.
Finally, we've done our first update, and don't worry more are planned!

  • New configuration styles & designs.
  • New Chunk Collectors instead of VoidChests.
  • HarvesterHoes have been added.
  • SellWands have been improved.
  • Brand new crates and crate rewards.

The May Crate

That's right! It's a new month and just in-time for our brand new May Crate!
Similar to the Easter Crate this Crate features many op items.

You can purchase this crate on our webstore at https://store.bumblecraft.net
This Crate features the following rewards

  • Bumble Keys
  • Spawners
  • Rank Vouchers
  • New OP Sell Beacons
  • Cash Vouchers
  • Relic Keys
  • Common Keys

This crate features many more items and you can view them all on our store!

This is the first major update of many to come on our current gamemodes.
We hope you're excited for future changes.

Kind Regards,
Jam - Management.