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Towny Guide

Jul 31, 2022

Towny is a gamemode where players join towns and work together to build them up! Below is most of the information and commands you will need to know to make the most out of it!

Main Towny Commands

/towny map - shows a map of nearby chunks
/towny prices [town name] - shows costs of various towny commands
/towny top balance - shows the top 10 towns in terms of balance
/towny top land - shows the top 10 towns in terms of plots owned
/towny top residents - shows the top 10 towns in terms of number of residents

Town Commands

/t [town name] - shows a towns information screen
/t baltop [town name] - shows the top 10 residents in the town in terms of balance
/t buy bonus [number] - buys a number of bonus town claims
/t claim - claims the chunk you are stood in
/t claim outpost - claims a chunk as a town outpost
/t create [name] - creates a town and sets you as the mayor
/t delete - deletes your town
/t deposit [amount] - deposits money into the land bank
/t invite [player] - invites a player to join your town
/t invite [accept/deny] [town name] - accept/deny an invite to join a town
/t jail [name] [hours] [jail plot no] [jail cell no] - jail a resident for a number of real-life hours
/t join [town name] - adds you as a resident in an open town
/t kick [name] - kicks a resident from your town
/t merge [town name] - requests for another town to dissolve and merge into your town
/t outlaw [add/remove] [name] - add/remove a player as an outlaw in your town
/t outpost [outpost name] - teleport to an outpost of your town
/t plots [town name] - shows information on a towns plots
/t rank [add/remove] [name] - add/remove a rank to a resident of the town
/t reclaim - reclaim a ruined town as an ex-resident
/t reslist [town name] - shows a list of all residents in a town
/t say [message] - broadcasts a message to all online town residents
/t set board [message] - changes the display message of your town board
/t set embassytax [amount] - set/change the embassy plot tax of the town
/t set homeblock - changes the towns homeblock to where you are stood
/t set mayor [name] - gives the mayor rank to another town resident
/t set name [new name] - changes your town name
/t set outpost - changes the outposts homeblock to where you are stood
/t set plottax [amount] - set/change the resident plot tax in your town
/t set taxes [amount] - set/change the resident tax in your town
/t spawn - teleport to your town spawn
/t toggle open [on/off] - set your town as open or closed
/t toggle public [on/off] - set your town as public or private
/t trust [add/remove] [name] - add/remove a player's trusted access
/t unclaim - unclaim the chunk you are in from your town
/t unclaim all - unclaim all town blocks except the home block from your town
/t unjail [name] - free a jailed resident
/t withdraw [amount] - withdraw money from the land bank into your balance

Plot Commands

All of these commands relate to the plot which you are currently stood in.

/plot claim - buy a 'for sale' town plot
/plot evict - remove a residents ownership from their plot in your town
/plot forsale [amount] - put a town plot up for sale
/plot group add [group name] - create or add a plot to a plot group
/plot group delete - removes all plots from a plot group
/plot group forsale [amount] - put a plot group up for sale
/plot group remove - remove a plot from the plot group it is in
/plot group rename - rename a plot group
/plot group set [plot type] - set the plot type of all plots in a plot group
/plot group set reset - change the plot type of the plot group back to default
/plot group trust [add/remove] [name] - give a player all permissions for a plot group
/plot info - shows the information screen for a plot
/plot jailcell [add/remove] - add/remove a jail cell in a jail plot
/plot set [plot type] - change a plot type
/plot set name [plot name] - change the name of a plot/outpost
/plot set outpost - claim a plot as a town outpost
/plot trust [add/remove] [name] - add/remove a player's trusted access
/plot unclaim - unclaim a plot
/plot unclaim all - unclaim all your plots

Nation Commands

/n [nation name] - view a nations information screen
/n ally [accept/deny] [nation name] - accept/deny an invite to ally with another nation
/n allylist [nation name] - shows all nations a nation is allied with
/n delete - deletes your nation
/n deposit [amount] - add money into the nation bank
/n enemy [add/remove] [nation name] - add/remove a nation as an enemy
/n invite [town name] - invite a town to join your nation
/n join [nation name] - add your town to an open nation
/n kick [town name] - kick a town from your nation
/n leave - leave a nation
/n merge [nation name] - request for another nation to dissolve and merge into your nation
/n new [name] - create a new nation with you as the leader
/n rank [add/remove] [name] [rank] - add/remove a rank from a member in a nation
/n say [message] - broadcast a message to all online players in the nation
/n set board [message] - change the display message of the nation
/n set capital [town name] - set a town as the capital of a nation
/n set king [name] - set a member as the leader of a nation
/n set name [nation name] - change the name of your nation
/n set spawn - set/change the location of the nation spawn
/n set taxes [amount] - set/change the town nation tax
/n spawn - teleport to the spawn of your nation
/n toggle open [on/off] - set your nation as open or closed
/n toggle public [on/off] - set your nation as public or private
/n townlist [nation name] - show the towns in a nation
/n xpbank deposit [amount] - add xp to the nation xp bank

Resident Commands

/res [name] - view a player's resident information screen
/res friend [add/remove] [name] - add/remove a player from your friend list
/res friend list - view all players on your friend list
/res tax [name] - shows the taxes that need to be paid each day