Hello BumbleCrafters,

BumbleCraft started as a smaller server featuring our first Survival Realm.
To this day it continues to grow, and it's finally time for the big Survival Update!

We have been working extremely hard to not only improve the current features on Survival but, to also bring you a multitude of new things to do and explore. This post will list all the new features for Survival 2.0!

New Features & Improvements

Brand New Builds
BumbleCraft has always been proud of the builds on our servers, so it's safe to say our new builds are better than ever and keep the cosy feel that we love on Survival. The new spawn features new places to explore, new npcs to interact with and more!

The Dimensions
We're bringing a key aspect to Survival 2.0 which is Mining.
Travel to a wide variety of different dimensions and harvest materials to sell at the dimensioner store. These ores are exclusively sold to this store, so increasing your mining skill, working towards new levels and selling your ores is all a grind!

Plot World
We know player economy is a big thing on Survival, and so we're introducing plots!
You can claim your own plot in the plot-world and create the shop of your dreams.

Not really a shop person? Why not practice new building skills on your plot before your actual base!

The BattlePass
We've worked hard to bring a new grind to Survival, and give you lots to do and work towards.
So this new BattlePass System will ensure you have weeks of quests and content to complete.

PvP Duels
To all of our PvP Users.. it's finally arrived. We will have a perfected duels system for you all!
You will be able to duel players in our own custom arenas to practice your pvp skills.

So.. Survival 2.0 is shaping up to bee Bumbles biggest gamemode so far.
We hope you're excited for these changes and improvements.

Other New Features:

  • New Quests
  • Tree Feller
  • Custom Achievements
  • Random Events
  • New Auction House
  • New Configuration Style
  • Brand new DynMap
  • New Custom Enchantments
  • PyroFishing
  • PyroMining
  • New Market Area (Player Shops)
  • Pinata Party
  • New PvP Arena
  • New Chunk Collectors
  • Brand new Custom Items & Textures (HUNDREDS)
  • Beautiful new Collections System
  • The Monster Book!

Stay Tuned for further information and our announcement regarding Survivals Release.

Kind Regards,
Jam - Management.