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Oct 2, 2021

BumbleCraft SOTM

BumbleCraft SOTM


SOTM is Staff of the Month. The end of each month in the first few days of a new month we will announce a SOTM. This person is someone that is dedicated to the bumble team, hard working, sets a great example for others on the team and has a great knowledge of all servers on BumbleCraft.


We're so happy to announce Vortexis our Official September SOTM!!!

Vortex is one our greatest senior moderators, he's extremely hard working and so dedicated to improving your experience on BumbleCraft. This goes from reporting bugs and issues, finding pesky hackers and x-rayers and ultimately helping us improve the gameplay experience on the Network for our lovely community.

We're very happy to have Vortex on our team and he definitely deserved this!