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Slimefun Guide

Feb 18, 2022

Welcome to the official BumbleCraft guide for Slimefun. Slimefun is a plugin that lets you create non-vanilla items, this guide explains everything about unlocking items, making items and more!

➮ Unlocking items

From weapons to food and armor to lucky blocks, there is a wide variety of things you can unlock. To unlock items you’re going to need the Slimefun guide. You get this when you first join the gamemode, but it's also obtainable by running the /slimefun guide command. Hold the guide and right click to open it. Click on a category and hover over an item to see how many levels you need. Once you have enough levels click on the item and it will unlock automatically!

➮ Crafting items

To craft items you will need an enhanced crafting table. This recipe can be found in the ‘Basic Machines’ section, click on it to see how to make it. Once you made this you can start crafting other items! To make something place the things you need for it in the dispenser, like it's your crafting table. Then right-click the crafting table that’s on top of the dispenser and the item should appear when you open the dispenser again! You can also search for specific recipes by clicking on the name tag in the top right of the menu that pops up when you open the guide.

Now you know the ins and outs of Slimefun, have fun crafting and using the items!