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September POTM

Oct 7, 2021


POTM is Player of the Month. The end of each month in the first few days of a new month we will announce a POTM. This person is someone that is friendly, loyal, dedicated, caring, kind etc.. they're a well known player, loved by many, goes by the rules and sets a perfect example of a perfect player on BumbleCraft.


We're so happy to announce DoctorWho is our Official September POTM!!!

DoctorWho has been a player on BumbleCraft since very early days, and he has continued to stick around and support the Network. He is a very loyal player and is always available to help new players and answer questions in chat.

Please join us on to claim your rewards!

The POTM will receive a one month BumbleBee Subscription, 25 GBP Store Voucher & POTM Tag!


  • Friendliness towards Staff & Players.
  • Little to no punishment history.
  • Following the Rules carefully.
  • Welcoming new players, showing them around and helping them.
  • Chatting in-game and in our Discord Server.
  • A clear passion for BumbleCraft and the growth of the Network.