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Sep 2, 2021

BumbleCraft OneBlock Guide

BumbleCraft OneBlock Guide

This guide will teach you about our Oneblock server and all of its features.

➮ Starting your Oneblock

To start your Oneblock island, you will need to use the following command.

/ob create

Once you run the command, you will be teleported to your very own Oneblock island.

➮ The Magic Block

Oneblock is a variation of the Skyblock gamemode that includes a magical block on your island that you can mine for infinite resources. The magical block will morph into different blocks when mines, progressively getting better and better, giving you more blocks that will help you expand your island.

➮ Managing your Oneblock

Once you have created your Oneblock, you can invite players to your team using the following command.

/ob team invite <player>

➮ Island Roles

The island roles are: Vistors, Coop, Trusted, Member, Sub-Owner and Owner.
Cooping and trusting players can be used to add players to your team without them having to leave their own island.

/ob team <coop/trust> <player>

Sub-Owner can be used to give more permissions to certain team members.

/ob team promote <player>

Each role's permissions can be modified based on how much you trust them.
The role permissions can handled through a menu. To open the island settings panel, run the following command.

/ob settings

➮ Island Features

Using /is  will open a panel showing all island features.

Island Phases

Each time you break a block, you get closer to a new island phase. Each phase brings a special theme with a set of different blocks. The progress bar on the right side of your screen shows how close you are to a new island phase. You can click on the end portal frame in /is or use /is phases to check out all the different phases and the amount of blocks needed to break to reach them.

➮ Rotating Shop

The shop can be used to purchase different blocks and resources.
Items in the shop rotate every 30 minutes.

The shop can also be used to sell items by clicking on the fence shown in the top right corner of the menu.


➮ Player Warps

Player warps can be used to set up locations that you and all players on the server can teleport to. To create a player warp, type /pw set <name>. If you wish to delete it, type /pw remove <name>. Players can set a limited amount of player warps, which can be increased by purchasing ranks.

Other player warp commands can be found using /pw help.

➮ Pinata Party

Pinata parties spawn once the server has reached 100 votes with /vote. The vote counter is shown on the right hand side of the screen. Pinatas give vote keys, bank-notes with different amounts of money and high-tier ores. Hitting the pinata more, gives you more items.