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November Overview

Dec 2, 2022

Wow, Decembers here and we're all starting to get into the Christmas spirit here at BumbleCraft! Make sure you join every day to get rewards including cosmetics from our Advent Calendar! Thank you for all of your support this November.

Notable Changes

  • Return of playtime rewards
  • Addition of chat games - top player from each server will win a reward each month!
  • Custom enchantments update
  • Rewards for the top daily donator

Player of the Month

The players considered for POTM in November were Saturnityy, Butterycatt and AliumAtlas. All these players are super kind and friendly, helping out new members both on discord and in-game. We are super grateful for their contribution to making this server have the amazing environment that it does. Congratulations to Saturnityy for getting the most votes this month, please make an admin ticket to claim your £25 store voucher!

Staff of the Month

Congratulations to Molly on staff of the month (again!). Molly puts her all into Bumble, and sometimes a bit too much of it! The things that make Molly an amazing staff member are that she is always kind and caring, works super hard, always gives advice (both Bumble related and personal), and is always there whenever you need her. She is an incredible asset to our team and deserves recognition for the huge amount of work that she puts in. Without her, Bumble would not be where it is today.

Top Monthly Voters

Congratulations to _JoshuaNgFong, _PowerGryphon249 and Martrauder on having the most votes for BumbleCraft this month! We appreciate your contributions, please make an admin ticket to claim your £10 store voucher! Vote every day in December to have a chance to win!

Top Chat Games Wins

As requested by you, we are introducing a new reward for the player who has won the most chat games per month on each server! The winners will recieve 1000 coins on their particular server. This past month, the top players were:
> Towny - Jadigz (99 wins)
> Survival - _gluebois (163 wins)
> Oneblock - Nikitri (98 wins)
> Lifesteal Honey - evqzx (214 wins)
> Lifesteal Nectar - mr_e098 (84 wins) (coins will be given on LSH this month due to the reset)

Staff Promotions

_RadShayshay16 -> Moderator
AlmondPencil41 -> Moderator
ReveniyntIsBack -> Moderator
LaserFColee -> Moderator
Rando9087 -> Senior Moderator
Rinxa -> Senior Moderator
EllieSMP -> Senior Moderator
Lemonbeess -> Admin

Coming Up...

  • Lifesteal reset - merging Honey & Nectar
  • Christmas build competition