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Newest Rank & Lootboxes

Sep 7, 2021

Hello BumbleCrafters,

We're excited to announce the latest additions to the BumbleCraft Network!


We've added a brand new top rank named HoneyBee!
This features some awesome new perks and cosmetics including:

  • Ability to set unlimited homes.
  • Ability to access one-hundred personal vaults.
  • Ability to create twelveplayer warps.
  • Ability to auction 21 items.
  • Access to all /mpet pets.
  • Access to all /eglow glows.
  • Access to exclusive yellow chatcolor.
  • Access to /depth command.
  • Access to /getpos command.
  • Access to /compass command.
  • Access to /rename command.
  • Kit VIP, MVP, Ultra, Royal, Titan, Immortal & HoneyBee included.
  • Exclusive Kit Keys included.


We're releasing brand new Monthly Lootboxes!
These are going to be Cosmetic Based releases with some fun perks and other items.

You can win ranks, permissions, kits, keys, spawners and more!
These will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned for further information!

Thank you to everyone for the continued support on BumbleCraft.
We can't wait to release more and more updates for you!