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Update 1.0

Sep 2, 2021

Hello BumbleCrafters,

Explaining our recent maintenance period, we've had some player experience network improvement and fixes.

➮ Voting

We have finally fixed Voting across the Network, this was a long running issue on BumbleCraft and thankfully we've figured it out and we'll have smooth voting from now on!

This also introduced Top Voter Rewards.
The Top Voter of each Month will receive multiple different prizes and little goodies!

➮ Bedrock Connections

We have fixed some minor issues with Bedrock Connections and updated our Proxy Server to the latest Geyser. This will bring some small improvements and quality of life changes for our Bedrock Players. We are always striving to improve Bedrock for our players and we're slowly but surely getting to fixes and new additions!

➮ Vote Site Pinging

We have fixed another issue in which our Vote Sites were not pinging the server causing a delay or a complete loss of voting and your voting rewards. We thank you all for the support with Voting and we're hoping we have finally fixed the voting issues and our loyal player base can continue to vote to support the Network!

That's all we have for todays fixes and maintenance.

All the best & stay safe,
- Honey.