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May Overview

Jun 2, 2022

Top Monthly Voters

Our top monthly voters for May are renee55, skierbest123 and aryonnet! Each of you will recieve a £10 store voucher, please make an admin ticket!

Vote every day next month to have a chance to win!

Summary of Changes

Our store has had a re-vamp, changing most items to be available in game via the coinshop! Coins can be obtained through voting, keys and events, and can also be purchased on the store.

A new hub has been released, and it is stunning! Plans are in progress to update spawns for all servers!

Due to the increased popularity Lifesteal has had over this month, we have released a second Lifesteal realm! These two versions have the same features, and allow new and existing players to start over and fight to be the best! The existing realm is now know as Lifesteal Honey, and the new realm is Lifesteal Nectar!

Lifesteal Nectar Spawn

Player of the Month

Our player of the month for May is Toxinbo! Toxin has been a valued member of the community for a long time now, and is greatly loved by players, and loves driving us staff up the wall! Please make an Admin ticket to claim your £25 store voucher!

Cooking show, built by Toxinbo

Staff of the Month

Staff of the month for May is Apheus! Apheus is always online, helping the development team with tasks along with aiding all staff, both new and old.

Staff Promotions

Congratulations to the following staff members on their hard work:
ZodiakMC > Moderator
_xbubble_kx > Moderator
Lemonbeess > Senior Moderator
RappaChilled > Admin

Coming up...

  • Towny release
  • Boss update