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March Overview

Mar 31, 2023

Happy Easter from us at Bumblecraft! I hope you have had a lovely month, and are excited for April!

Noteable Changes

  • New hub!
  • Oneblock reset
  • Protocal crate
  • Free pronoun tags

Player of the Month

There were 3 players up for player of the month, Pxlclix5786, axilvia and unamused_muse! These three players are active on discord and in-game, and are always willing to help others out. They help to provide a friendly atmosphere and make everyone feel so welcome. Congratulations to unamused_muse on winning player of the month, make a ticket to claim your £25 store voucher!

Staff of the Month

Our staff of the month for March is robxtic! Tali is a super consistent member of the team, and can always be relied upon to help out with both the good and the bad! They are always kind, caring and supportive to everyone. Thank you for all of your hard work.

_ItzTobiaz' island on Oneblock!

Top Monthly Voters

The three top voters during March were _NepDipesh007, _KaiSwitchKai and aragusta! Thank you for supporting the server, please make an admin ticket to claim your £10 store voucher! Vote every day during April to have a chance to win.

Top Chat Games Wins

The winners of the most chat games this month were as follows:
> Towny - _Alucarr (107 wins)
> Survival - Axilvia (144 wins)
> Lifesteal - Baldman4 (249 wins)
> Oneblock - DaFer61 (274 wins)
You will each receive 1000 coins on your particular server! Make sure you are participating each time you see the games pop up for a chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Top Monthly Donator

A massive thank you to DarthKnightTV for donating the most money during December to help us support the every day running of the server. As a thank you, we will provide you with a £25 store voucher, please make an admin ticket to claim your reward!

Staff Promotions

kittyhole -> Moderator
kizzouu -> Moderator
_Layschiprice -> Senior Moderator
_RadShayshay16 -> Administrator