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LifeSteal Guide

Dec 16, 2021

Welcome to the official BumbleCraft guide for Lifesteal. This guide explains everything about how to start, how to make money and more!

➮ Lifesteal

Lifesteal is a fun gamemode with many different features, and it runs on 1.18! You are not able to claim land, make chest shops, obtain /fly or open vaults.

➮ Clans

LifeSteal features clans, this is a system where you can group up with other lifesteal players and create a team. Here a list with the most important commands for clans:

> /clan create (name) to create a clan

> /clan invite (username) to invite someone to your clan

> /clan accept (player) to accept a clan invite

> /clan stats (name) to view clan stats

> /clan base to teleport to the clan base (use /clan setbase to set one)

> /clan leave to leave your clan

> /clan delete to delete your clan

> /clan list to view a list of all clan members

> /clan togglechat or /clan chat to enable the clan chat

➮ Hearts

There's no health generation on LifeSteal. Everytime you kill someone you win a heart, but if you get killed you lose one. So for example if you have 20 hearts and you get killed you're down to 19 hearts, but if you kill someone it goes up to 21. You will get banned from the gamemode for 1 day when you run out of hearts! You can also gain hearts from crates, quests, missions and more.