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June Overview

Jul 6, 2022

June has been a great month for BumbleCraft, with the return of Towny as well as the addition of a second Lifesteal gamemode! To celebrate pride month, we released a pride crate with exclusive armour and tools, with an amazing texture!

Noteable Changes

  • Return of Towny
  • Addition of Lifesteal Nectar
  • Coins are now gained from voting
  • New discord helper role
  • Pride crate

Player of the Month

We had three amazing candidates for player of the month for June, but an overwhelming majority of players chose Pushrat, congratulations! Pushrat is always helping others, and has been a part of our community for a while! Make sure to say hello to them if you see them online! Please open a ticket to claim your rewards!

Staff of the Month

Our staff of the month for June is Clem! Clem is such a great asset to the team, always kind and helping others with whatever they may need!

Staff Promotions

wiltinqcloudy > moderator
wiltinqclem > moderator
webcoricarson > moderator
_mixercam87 > moderator
wiltinqzodiak > senior moderator