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IGN: j19mes
7 months ago

Summer Build Competition Winners!

Hey everybody thank you all for building such great builds from volcanoes to lakehouses to undergrond bunkers!

We hope you all had fun participating in our first ever build competition this year and we hope you enter the next competition!


In third place came KillerSniper124, well done on following the theme really well and we loved your coral reef.

Create a ticket on discord to receive your £5 store credit!



In second palce came iammy, we loved the hawaiian theme and reminded us of a summer vacation.

Create a ticket on discord to claim your £10 store credit!2020-06-24_16.46.36.png


And finally in first palce came Vitrayer, we loved the detail on your map and the fact that you made it into a mini adventure map!

Create a ticket on discord to claim your £15 store credit!



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