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5 months ago

Bosses and Minigames!!


Hello BumbleCraft! We're very excited to announce the release of our new features: custom bosses and our very own Minigames hub (Yes its in our Survival Gamemode!!!) . Everything in this announcement will explain what we have in store for you. Everything will be released by tomorrow around 8PM so please do not bother staff asking when it will be released, as we are extremely busy!


Custom bosses are a new feature that we have been expecting for a LONG time, after countless nights, announcements and constant work, they are finally here. You will be able to fight these new bosses in their own brand new server which will be accessible via command '/server boss' or at our survival spawn using the warp '/warp bosses'. These bosses will drop a brand new currency that we are adding to BumbleCraft Survival which is called 'Tokens', these tokens can be used on survival at '/warp bosses'. In this token shop you will only be able to buy our boss keys, but overtime we will add new purchaseable items! The bosses on the server will drop a varied amount of tokens. We have several bosses for you to slay, so you won't get bored of them! Our first boss will begin at 8am and reoccur every 8 hours, meaning our boss spawns will be at 8pm, 4am and 12pm BST.


Our new minigames hub will have 4 new minigames which will include: Duels, Parkour, Sumo and of course Hide & Seek.


Duels are a brand new PvP feature we are adding to BumbleCraft Survival, you will be able to 1v1 players in a variety of kits as well as making bets and gambling your items and money!! To start a duel you will type '/duel (player)' and if you want to duel with a money wager its '/duel (player) (amount)'. You can select the kit and if you want to duel for items in the GUI after offering someone a duel. 


Hide & Seek is a gamemode we used to have until, after the realisation that the community wanted it back, we have decided it needed to make a return! We have currently have 4 of the old maps and new maps in production! To join this you will need to click the NPC at '/warp Minigames'.


Sumo is also a brand new PvP arena based event. In this event you will knock off opponents to grab victory. Just like duels you can bet as well. To start a Sumo click the NPC at '/warp Minigames'.


We've also decided to make several parkour maps for all of you to explore yourself! These will be available at '/warp Minigames'.


We suggest that you clear your inventories before entering minigames as a precaution incase the server restarts/crashes.


Our team is always looking for new suggestions as to what we can add to make your survival experience even better than it already is! If you have any suggestions please put them in our discord using #bot-commands and typing '/suggest (suggestion)'. Thank you everyone for sticking with us and putting up with all the lag we have recently experienced, we are so glad you all understood and gave us the time to fix it, we believe that our lag issues are gone for good! We hope you enjoy these new features,

~The BumbleCraft Staff Team

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