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IGN: Streams747
5 months ago

BumbleCraft Network


We have a lot of new information in this announcement so make sure to pay attention, you don't want to miss any details!


We are changing a few things with NRG, instead of merging with them we have decided to have a partnership. This allows BumbleCraft and NRG to expand as well as staying together. There will still be an NPC in our new hub with a redirect to their hub, and vice versa.


BumbleCraft has a new hub! Our amazing build team has dedicated an astonashing amount of time towards this and are proud to share it with you. This is the start of BumbleCraft's Network! Over the next couple months we will be releasing several new gamemodes, including our first gamemode; Skyblock! In this hub we also have a 51 egg hunt, if you find these you can get £5 store credit!


An announcement about Skyblock will be coming soon so keep an eye out for that as it will have all the details!


Around a year ago we took down our ban panel/website, recently we've had several suggestions asking for this and we've decided to bring this back for good! This will have a list of all our punishments, including bans, mutes and warns. You'll be able to check if you or another player has been punished, when you we're punished and when your punishment expires/expired! As well as bringing back the ban panel we've decided to revamp our punishment plugin. This will allow you to see who punished you, the reason, how long left on your punishment and when you we're punished!


We've recently added a new donation alert in game. This alert shows a picture of the donators skin, shows how much they donated, what they purchased, how far our weekly donation goal is and more!


Last week we announced the release of our custom bosses on survival, we had a couple issues with these as they caused a stupid amount of lag, but since then have been fixed up! Now bosses are going to have their own server, linked with survival, meaning inventories will be linked and chat! There will be a custom featherboard and a custom boss bar showing the bosses health. We will be using a new reward system which will give tokens when you kill a boss, then when you go to survival you can redeem those tokens as boss keys.


We want to thank everyone for sticking with us for this long and we look forward to the future ahead of us. Below this will be some pictures of our new hub built by our build team:


  • Laila / zSerendipity
  • Wolf / WolfIsEmma
  • J / Jwise
  • Alexx / Emptyspirit
  • Mystic / ccarpfishingyoda
  • Emilia / FirstMate_

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