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Feb 28, 2022

This is our second Monthly update and this month has been amazing, with the release of Survival, Our Merch Store, Top 3 Voters, Player of the Month, Staff of the Month!


BumbleCraft has officially launched its very own Merch Store! This ranges from a bunch of different items like blankets, phone cases, mugs, t-shirts and hoodies! For further information feel free to check the website down below!


Recently, we have released a new gamemode that has been a favourite mode among our players for over a year, Survival! The Avatar Bending system is brought back, where you can choose different element abilities and use them to advance. Our other servers have a plugin called Slimefun, and it allows you to create cool machines and useful things. You can discover so much on this server, so why not log on right now and find out!


LifeSteal is getting an PVP Update tonight to end off this month! This will include Duels, Updated Holograms at Spawn, New Clan System, Jobs, Bounties NPC at the Arena and Envoys!


Our top three voters for this month is: KillerFrost0101, PikachuRocksAll and whyshouldibother. Please open a ticket on our discord server for a £25 store voucher! This will be a monthly thing and if you want to vote starting tomorrow then I’d go for it now!


The Bumble community voted on five unique players each month to determine our Player of the Month. This month we're featuring a humble player who's a really sweet person, and they're called C0ffyy! Please open a ticket for your £25 Store voucher!
Our Staff of the Week were as followed RappaChilled, Tebbbi , Bogish94 and Lemonbeess! This is a great selection but I believe our senior RappaChilled should have the chance! Since joining the senior team they have been determined to improve and is now an official Bumble Mentor, along with our other Senior jjxx_! Please open a ticket for your £25 Store Voucher!!


Staff promotions are as followed!
Logan as one of our Three Owners!
Saelskye and Lollipop56_ to Administrator!
Apheus, RappaChilled, Georgesgreenaxoto Senior Moderator!
Kat3linxx, Tebbbi, Itsjustwes , Lemonbeess & Bogish94 to Moderator!


We aim to get our a Lifesteal update for tonight, so keep your eyes out for that!
We have plans to get our an update for all of our servers, this is displayed on our discord roadmap! More importantly, we are announcing our Staff Applications again! Feel free to apply and have the chance to join our BumbleTeam!!
BumbleCraft | Staff Applications
We’re always looking to expand our amazing staff team with new members. If you’re interested, please continue below to answer the questions. Why be on the team?BumbleCraft has been running for almost five years and staff is what helps us run, they help moderate our chats, help our players and so …