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February Overview

Mar 1, 2023

February has been a big month for BumbleCraft behind the scenes, with new features being planned!

Player of the Month

There were 4 players up for player of the month, kxmykk, kizzouu, _sandwich4822 and _atleaz! All these players are kind and welcoming, and regularly engage with server events and provide help and support to others! Congratulations to kxmykk on winning player of the month, make a ticket to claim your £25 store voucher!

Staff of the Month

Congratulations to _RadShayshay16 who will be our staff of the month this month! Shay is always active and willing to help within the staff team, is consistently providing support to players and always makes everyone laugh! They are an incredible member of our team and are incredibly deserving.

Top Monthly Voters

The top voters in February were _KaiSwitchKai, SKYPAA and _CloudyYeti10731, who will each receive a £10 store voucher! Vote every day in March to have a chance to win!

Top Chat Games Wins

The winners of the most chat games this month were as follows:
> Towny - DaFer61 (198 wins)
> Survival - Axilvia (162 wins)
> Lifesteal - Baldman4 (265 wins)
You will each receive 1000 coins on your particular server! Make sure you are participating each time you see the games pop up for a chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Top Monthly Donator

A massive thank you to DarthKnightTV for donating the most money during February! We require donations in order to help us support the every day running of the server. As a thank you, we will provide you with a £25 store voucher, please make an admin ticket to claim your reward!

Staff Promotions

Wow we've had a lot of promotions this month!

_layschiprice -> moderator
JJG120 -> moderator
ImUsable -> moderator
HedgehogLover294 -> moderator
Zurned -> moderator
_GhostlyDuckyz -> moderator
LordVoid -> moderator
SoupyCryptids96 -> moderator
_PoliteRapier502 -> senior moderator
ADHDinos -> senior moderator
robxtic -> senior moderator
Rinxa -> administrator
Rando9087 -> administrator

Coming up...

  • Oneblock reset & competition
  • Battlepass update
  • Hub update