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Event Winners & Next Weeks Event!

Event Winners & Next Weeks Event!

HEY! Thank you to all those who attended the event on Saturday, we hope you all enjoyed our first event in a while and we are glad to announce that events will now be a weekly occcurance!

The winners of last weeks event won £15 Store Vouchers for First Place, £10 for Second Place & £5 For Third Place.

Round 1 Winners:
1) V_VDemonV_V
2) Cruciality
3) MrK1ck_

Round 2 Winners:
1) Stardosh95
2) V_VDemonV_V
3) KirbyK1ller

Round 3 Winners:
1) V_VDemonV_V
2) ElectroPika
3) Cruciality

Next weeks event will be Hide & Seek and we cannot wait for you to all join us yet again! Hide & Seek will be hosted on Saturday @ 7PM BST.

We will host four rounds in total for hide and seek, the first round will be a test round and the following three will contain prizes!

I hope you are all as excited as hide and seek as I am and I cannot wait to see you all their! <3

- James :)