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EarthSMP Guide

Nov 8, 2021

Welcome to the official BumbleCraft guide for how to start out on EarthSMP.

This guide explains the basic commands, how to earn money and other things you need to know when you start playing EarthSMP!


You can see the spawn of EarthSMP when you first join the server. Here are NPCs with handy information, crates, and the pinata will spawn here (more information about that later).

Type /continents to select a continent and get teleported. Find a chunk of land you'd like to build on and claim it by using /lands create (name), but make sure it's not too close to someone else's base. You can check that with /lands map. You now have a base! You can invite your friends to join your team with /lands trust (player name) and you can see yourself on the map of the world with /map.

You can get resources in the resource world. You will find everything you need here, from oak logs to diamonds, everything is here. Use /warp resource to enter this world!


There are a few ways to earn money, some are:

  • /jobs
  • /quests
  • fishing
  • player shops
  • /sell

One of the easiest ways to earn money is by doing jobs. Type /jobs to enter the job menu. There are 5 categories here, personal statistics, browse jobs, server statistics, points shop and the help menu. There are 12 jobs to choose from, click on browse jobs to see all jobs and left click a job to select it. You can select 3 jobs and can always change them later. Hover over the jobs to see a description and right click it to see more information.

Personal statistics will tell you everything about the job levels, job ranks, job incomes, engaged jobs and the job skill trees. The server statistics will tell you how many employees there are and the max jobs per player. You can buy items in the points shop with job points you earned and the help menu will show you what commands you can use.

Another easy way to earn money is by completing quests. You can select a quest in /quests and you can do 4 quests at the same time. You can see what you need to do, how much you get paid and your progress if you hover over a quest.

You can also fish to earn money. Make a pond, cast your fishing rod and wait! You can sell, scale and gut fish in /fish menu, these will allow you to obtain special items and money. There are also custom enchants called augments. They can only be obtained from custom crafting using a cauldron. To see all the recipes open the fishing menu and click on augments, there will be a recipe book in there. There are also 4 kinds of fishing tournaments, highest length, MostFish, LuckyCatch and RandomCatch. There's a fishing tournament every hour and you simply have to fish to participate! End up in the top 3 and you will get an amazing reward. You can see when a new tournament starts by typing /ft time.

Another way to earn money is by making player chest shops on your land. Place a chest and hold the item you want to sell. Left click the chest and a message asking how much you want for the item will pop up. Type your answer and a sign will automatically appear. You can restock the items by right clicking the chest and putting the items in it. Other players can now buy something from you! You can make a player warp with /pw set (name for playerwarp) so people can warp to your shop.

The last way to earn money is by using the /sell hand or /sell all command. /sell hand will sell the item(s) you're holding and /sell all will sell all sellable items in your inventory.


You might have already seen it, but there's a lands menu. Type /l menu to enter it. There are 2 lines in this menu, an information line and management line. The information line will allow you to create, delete and change areas in the area menu, trust and untrust players when you click on trusted players, see land invites in the invites menu, view messages in your inbox and see your statistics. The management line will allow you to edit land settings such as animal spawning and plant growth in land settings, view roles and create, delete and edit them in the roles menu, view taxes and change them, and change cosmetical settings like the land name and enter message.


A few other useful commands are:

  • /spawn
  • /shop
  • /gift
  • /pay
  • /l deposit
  • /l withdraw
  • /vote

Now that you know the ins and outs of EarthSMP, have fun playing!