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December Overview

Dec 31, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Bumblecraft! I hope you have enjoyed the year as much as us, and we are all so excited going into 2023 with some new plans for the server!

/pw Wonderland on Survival, by Luc6, _GhostlyDuckyz and BreadMaster1256

Noteable Changes

  • New store payment options
  • Duck crate
  • Chat colours in coinshop
  • Advent calendar
  • New crates on Survival
  • Festive crate

Player of the Month

The candidates for Player of the Month in December were _eldestdragon131, shadowberry and _ghostlyduckyz! All players are friendly and welcoming towards new members in the community, and aim to keep the server friendly and safe for all involved. Congratulations to shadowberry, who will recieve 1 month of Discord Nitro!

/pw XMas on Survival, by _DylanMax4957

Staff of the Month

Staff of the month for December is Paws, one of our helpers! They have been a part of our team since June, and are loved by both staff and members alike. They can always be found on Discord chatting away to both new and established members of the community, and are always willing to lend a hand when necessary. Thank you so much for all you do Paws, we are so grateful that you are a part of the Bumblecraft staff team.

Top Monthly Voters

The top voters from December were _KaiSwitchKai, JoJoBruno and SKYPAA! Thank you for voting for Bumblecraft, we appreciate it! Please make an admin ticket to claim your £10 store voucher.
Vote every day in January to have a chance to win!

Top Chat Games Wins

The players who won the most chat games on each server and will recieve 1000 coins are:
> Towny - DevillishSlime (69 wins)
> Survival - Luc6 (208 wins)
> Oneblock - HowDidWeGotHere (181 wins)
> Lifesteal - evqzx (125 wins)

Top Monthly Donator

A massive thank you to DarthKnightTV for donating the most money during December to help us support the every day running of the server. As a thank you, we will provide you with a £25 store voucher, please make an admin ticket to claim your reward!

Staff Promotions

Tr1v -> Junior Moderator
purepeachy -> Moderator
AshWaffle -> Moderator
_RadShayshay16 -> Senior Moderator
_froggybxbble -> Admin

Coming Up...

  • Loony Partnership
  • Battlepass update