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Chest Shop Guide

Nov 8, 2021

Welcome to the official Bumblecraft guide for how to make a chestshop.

This guide explains everything about selling and buying items!


Selling items is really easy! You first have to place a chest/double chest (recipe: 8 wooden planks in a square, no planks in the middle). Hold the item you want to sell in your hand and left click on the chest, a message asking for how much you want to sell it will pop up. Type the price in the chat and a sign will automatically appear. You can restock the chest shop by right clicking the chest and putting the items you're selling in it. People can now buy items from you! You can change the price of the item by right clicking the sign and clicking on change price. You can see when your shop is out of stock when your name on the sign turns red. You will also get notified that it's out of stock when you're online. You can remove a chestshop by going to the control panel (right click the sign) and click on remove shop.


Buying items in a chest shop seems difficult, but it really isn't! Place a chest or double chest (you need 8 wooden planks to make a chest, place them in a square but leave the middle open) and hold the item you want to buy. A message asking how much you want to pay for it will pop up, type the price in chat and a sign will appear on the chest. It is currently a chest to sell something, but you can change that by right clicking the sign. The sign control panel will show in chat. You can change the shop mode and the price there and you can also remove the shop. People can sell you the item you want once you've changed the shop mode! You can collect your items by right clicking the chest and putting everything in your inventory

Now you know the ins and outs of making a chest shop, have fun selling and buying items!