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Sep 13, 2021

BumbleCraft OneBlock Fixes & Updates

BumbleCraft OneBlock Fixes & Updates

Hello BumbleCrafters,

We're excited to announce our latest bug fix and feature updates for OneBlock 2.0!
Join us on https://discord.gg/bumblecraft for instant update notifications.


This is a brand new feature that is now live on our OneBlock 2.0 Realm.
You can gain many different rewards every single day!

Rewards range from keys, kits, perks, items, money, spawners and more!
Take a look at our awesome new feature now on OneBlock!


  • Elevators have been added to OneBlock for easy transportation!
  • The long beloved ArtMap feature has received multiple fixes.
  • OneBlock officially supports version 1.16 and 1.17.


We've finally released our much loved Monthly Crates on OneBlock!
These have tons of sweet items and perks that you will truly enjoy.

Take a look at the awesome crate below. You can find it @ https://store.bumblecraft.net