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Mega Network Feature Update

Sep 15, 2021

Hello BumbleCrafters,

We have another amazing update for you all!
We want to provide an amazing experience on all of our servers.. so here it goes!


We've officially released our long awaited MysteryBoxes!
You can unlock hundreds of amazing cosmetics network-wide..

There are three tiers of MysteryBoxes; General, Mythical & Legendary.
Each tier can be purchase on our store to support the server..

These boxes can also be earned in-game and purchase in-game!

Some of the cosmetics include;

  • Balloons
  • Arrow Effects
  • Emotes
  • Mounts
  • Music
  • Particles
  • Pets

Access your cosmetics with the /cosmetics command!


We have released a brand new tag package available on our store!
This is our first of many THEMED TAG PACKAGES!!!

This special package is an Anime Tag Package based around anime words!
You can find this at


This is the biggest feature update we have done so far on BumbleCraft!
Dungeons can be found at /ma j dungeon!

You can fight multiple different mobs, bosses, select different kit-types and more.
Prepare for battle with your friends to earn loot and magnificent rewards!