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Bending Guide

Nov 6, 2021

Welcome to the official BumbleCraft Bending Guide.
Bending is available on our SkyLands Realm and this post has all the information you need!


Chi Blocking is not an element, but players can choose to become a chi blocker when they spawn into SMP for the first time. Choosing chi allows players to block other players’ elements and temporarily disable their ability when fighting.

Earth: Earth bending is the element which lets members bend different earth blocks on SMP including metals and even lava. Earthbenders do not take any fall damage on blocks they can bend including grass, sand, stone, and more! If someone is an earthbender, glowstone will appear below them at night which can only be seen by them. This is similar to firebenders with torches.

Air: Airbending is the element which focuses all around using air. Air on our server will appear as particles around the player. Just like earthbenders, they do not take damage on earth blocks but they also have super jumps and have the ability to jump up to 5-6 blocks high instead of 3.

Water: Water is the element based around water, snow, and ice. Waterbenders must be near any form of water or in it to use their bending. They do take fall damage on earth blocks, but do not take any damage on snow or ice no matter the elevation level.

Fire: Fire is the last element which revolves around fire, smoke, and lava. With firebenders, they can use fire to do many things such as cook food, kill mobs all by doing one move, and much more. If someone is a firebender, a torch that can only be seen by them will appear next to them.


Now that all the elements + chi blocking have been explained, how does one use them? On smp, players can do /warp bending to be teleported to spawn in front of all of the bending commands. There are 6 commands players need to know for bending:

  • /bending choose [element] (/b choose)
  • /bending display [element] (/b d or /b display)
  • /bending bind [move] [slot number] (/b bind)
  • /bending help [move] (/b help)
  • /bending clear [slot number] (/b clear)
  • /bending toggle (/b toggle)

Once you have established yourself as an element bender or chiblocker, you can do /bending display [element] to see all the moves you are able to do on our server. When doing this command, 3 things will show: bending passives, bending moves, and bending combos.

  • Bending passives are moves that happen to benders automatically. This can be seen in all the elements. One example would be how earth benders do not take damage on earth blocks. To see the passives you can do, do /bending [element-passives] - An example would be /bending display firepassives
  • Bending moves are any of the singular moves that benders can bind to slots in their hotbar. If they do not have a * by them, it most likely means that they are a bending move
  • Bending combos are moves performed by combining 2 bending moves together and switching between them to do the combo. They are less common, but benders still use them for more OP moves for pvp. To see bending combos, you can do /bending display [element-combos] - An example would be /bending display firecombos

After looking at the moves you would like to use, do /bending bind [move name] [slot number] to bind the move. With bending, players are able to perform moves by having different abilities binded to slots in their hotbar and then going to that slot to perform the move.

When a move is binded to a slot, the player needs to do /bending help [move name] and a guide for how to do that move will come up along with what the move does. Just follow the guide and do the steps after scrolling to the assigned slot for that ability to bend. If it is a combo move you are trying to do, you can do /bending help [combo name] for a guide on how to perform it. It is a bit harder since one will have to switch between 2 slots, but will get easier with practice!

The remaining 2 commands players need to know in bending are /bending clear [slot number] and /bending toggle. If a player wants to remove a move from their slot, they can do /bending clear [slot number] so that they don’t keep doing that move. Given that moves are performed just by shifting and clicking, it is easy to activate them when doing basic tasks. This can be annoying which is why /bending clear is so important. Additionally, if a player doesn’t want their bending to activate but also does not want to bind all their slots again, they can do /bending toggle to turn it off and then /bending toggle to turn it on again.


Players are almost always able to bend anywhere on our server including in the wilderness and the pvp arena. The only limits would be in towns which have their pvp off, at our spawn, and the nether for most benders due to many of the blocks not being bendable.

Now that you know the ins and out of bending on our server, have fun exploring the cool moves you can do as an element bender or chi blocker on our smp realm!