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Jan 31, 2022
We are excited to introduce our January overview for this year! We have had a fantastic start and cannot wait to show you everything we have planned!


Absolutely! We have updated our Bumble icon to something stylish and exciting! Our new icon will produce a fresh image for BumbleCraft. Thank you to the wonderful Nycolate for creating our logo!


On our discord, we created a public roadmap showcasing new features that we are currently developing!
We have made a Bumble Council made up of old and new players in the community to help us achieve this goal! Using your suggestions both in-game. By using both in-game and discord suggestions, you can help our council decide what's next to add!
The New Slimefun update gives Oneblock a drastic overhaul! Over 20+ check out our Oneblock server and you'll find over twenty Slimefun addons!
In keeping with the trend of adding more features, EarthSMP has included a gamemode within the game mode, hide and seek! Back last year, we added this brilliant minigame and were so excited for its return.

What is the game? To play hide and seek, the command /has join [Map Name] is all you need to do. There are currently four maps [Italy, Ikea, Subway, and Town]]Town!] in which you can play! Check it out today for your chance to win different perks! Check it out today!


There can be nothing more exciting than promotions for staff members and the addition of new staff! Earlier this month, we released our applications and received more than 60 responses. After reviewing them all, we selected the top candidates and interviewed them! We would like to thank everyone for applying!

We have welcomed so far 9 new staff members into our team, we hope that this can increase with the final few applicants left for interviews. Let us welcome; Bogish94, VmonstV, Cyanidebug, Monke_G0d_, Tebbi, Apheus, Lemonbeess, Sweetie2Treats, & Ka3linxxt!
As for promotions! Let us congratulate ireniee, Georgesgreenaxo, RappaChilled, Venqon on their promotion to moderator and aswell our new senior jjxx! Finally,  our newest addition to admin team is Kaduck15!


Behind the scenes, we do staff of the week where Staff nominate a staff member and we celebrate that! This month we had georgesgreenaxo, jjxx_ , Devhelp , Kaduck15 & Apheus, well done to you guys for being our star's of the weeks. After careful thought and consideration our Admin Kaduck15 is January's Staff of the month! Congratulations Kaya

This month we wanted our staff team to nominate someone for player of the month. This person is caring, has a great attitude and is loved by all players and that is sebi7885. Congrats! Please open up a ticket to claim your reward.


We have plans to have a overhaul to Lifesteal with a PVP Update and a top voting rewards scheme! And possibly something to do with 1.18 soon...
We also have plans for a revival of Survival! Keep your eyes peeled out for that.