Hello BumbleCrafters,

Quite the announcement for today as we have a lot to discuss!
This announcement will go over the removal and addition of current and new gamemodes. We will also touch on new changes and fixes and planned updates.


SkyLands & OneBlock are being removed from the Network to be replaced by better and hopefully more popular gamemodes. These will be replaced with LifeSteal & SkyBlock. You can read little bits of information below regarding each new server.


We do not have much information regarding this gamemode in particular just yet;

  • This gamemode is all about survival. Death will bring you a temporary blacklist from Lifesteal and all progress reset.
  • No sethomes, pure instinct for survival. Can you count on your memory?
  • No claiming; build a fortress with protection of your team or hide underground.
  • No health regeneration; you don't want to die! Kill others to gain their hearts.
  • Earn hearts from crates, quests, missions and more.


SkyBlock will feature many new amazing features that we are very excited for.

  • Mining System
  • Dungeon System
  • Skills, Quests, Missions, Challenges
  • Island Top
  • Hugely improved economy
  • BattlePass
  • New & improved crates
  • InGame rank-ups
  • Pirate/Tropical theme lore
  • Bosses and custom mobs
  • Much much more!

Stay tuned for future announcements with live sneak peaks and images of these features!


We'll be doing our biggest giveaway stream yet over on our Twitch https://twitch.tv/bumblecraftlive

We're giving away so many fun items both in-game and IRL.
Quick list of some of the rewards below.

  • Discord Nitro
  • Steam Cards
  • Xbox & Ps4 Cards
  • Ranks
  • Keys
  • Store Vouchers
  • Much much more!

We're so excited to do this live-stream and hope you can join us!
Join https://discord.gg/bumblecraft to stay up-to-date.


  • All bans reset on the Network and Discord Server.
  • NeoPronouns as highly requested now work.
  • Discord Integration has been added.
  • Hired many new staff members and promoted some amazing members.
  • Brand new playerwarps design and reset playerwarps as wanted by many.
  • Updated EarthSMP shop prices as wanted by many.
  • Updated hub configurations and overall design to be improved.
  • /Hub command now works on all servers.
  • Discord is now christmasy.
  • Fixed on-going pvp and god issue whilst trying to pvp.
  • Fixed on-going flight in warp pvp issues.
  • Add new packages to our webstore.
  • Started our amazing TeamSeas Fundraiser.
  • Removed Squid Games.
  • Custom Suggestions system is now in development.