Hello BumbleCrafters!

It's time once again, we're bringing back our highly demanded Bedwars Server!
This post will discuss some changes, improvements & server information.

New Additions & Improvements

  • Final Kill Effects
  • Kill Effects
  • Win Effects
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Custom Maps
  • Improved Shop Pricing
  • Heavily Tested Bedrock Mechanics
  • Fixed Bedrock Respawning Issues
  • Brand New Anti-Cheat & VPN System
  • Improved Configuration Style & Designs
  • Multi-Instanced Games [100x Smoother]
    This means each game is no longer in one server within multiple worlds.
    Every Bedwars Lobby is in a totally different server!

Release Details

We're working hard to get Bedwars to you all as quickly as possible.
We are going to undergo may different tests to ensure we're releasing it with as little bugs as possible.

We're aiming for Bedwars to be available to our players by the End of May.
Stay Tuned for further updates in the near future, and prepare yourself!

Kind Regards,
Jam - Management.