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April Overview

May 2, 2022

What an amazing month! With 2 gamemode resets, an added leaderboard on all servers, and many new players joining us!

Notable Changes:

  • Leaderboards added to all servers (/warp leaderboards)
  • New discord #staff, #accessibility and #patreon channels
  • Changed to virtual crate keys on all servers (/keys)
  • Changes to the discord ticketing system
  • Added death coordinates plugin on all servers
  • Added hide & seek to survival
  • New tab and scoreboard design
  • Build team!

Oneblock Reset

Oneblock reset on the 15th April, giving all players old and new a chance to start to build their islands from scratch again! There are many impressive builds to see already!

_Adashira, _kanekisan4150 and _legacygabe0's new island!

Lifesteal Reset

Lifesteal season 2 has now released! The new season launched on the 29th of April, so get in there quick to not be left behind by the top players!

Player of the Month

Player of the Month this month is BlueMallow78! Mallow has been around since Bumblecraft launched, and is a highly valued player within our community. Spend your £25 store voucher wisely!

Staff of the Month

Our Staff of the Month for April is Jeboh! Jeboh has recently returned to the Admin team at Bumble, and has been working really hard on supporting you guys with any issues, fixing bugs and helping out other staff members! We appreciate all you do for us!

What's next?

Some updates you can expect to see in May are a hub update, a website update and a custom texture pack! Keep your eyes peeled for anything else on our discord!