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April Overview

Apr 30, 2023

Noteable Changes

  • Lifesteal reset
  • Easter crate
  • Crates re-vamp
  • Discord activities for donators
  • New oneblock guide

Player of the Month

The candidates for Player of the Month were _angel8326, Kyushuuuu and _Miss_Luna_! These three players are super friendly and helpful both on discord and in-game, and we are so grateful they are a part of our community. Congratulations to MissLuna on coming out on top this month, make an admin ticket to claim your £25 store voucher!

Staff of the Month

Our staff of the month for April is ElyDawn! Ely has been part of our team since February, and is such a valued moderator. They are always helping out new staff members, and are quick to reply to any questions people have! Thank you so much for your hard work.

Top Monthly Voters

The top monthly voters in April were santtus191, Fatapplepi and aragusta! Thank you for all your support of the server, please make an admin ticket to claim your £10 store voucher! Make sure you vote every day in May to have a chance to win!

Top Chat Games Wins

The players who won the most chat games on each server and have recieved 1000 coins are:
> Towny - KrunchOne (161 wins)
> Survival - Aragusta (123 wins)
> Oneblock - JimmieJoee (217 wins)
> Lifesteal - Baldman4 (387 wins)

Staff Promotions

Stardosh95 > junior moderator
kxmykk > moderator
ElyDawn > moderator
JJG120 > senior moderator
HedgehogLover294 > senior moderator